The Story of Steven S. Sadleir, Sai

Steven’s earliest memories were in a trance and living in a spiritual world, often sitting in meditation cross-legged with his eyes rolled up for hours at a time without formal instruction. His grandparents were Baptist – Fundamentalist Christian – and through his grandmother, Ruth, he developed a deep love for God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and often left his body and traveled to other worlds and heavens. He had no interest in sports or playing with other children, and spent recess and after school in nature somewhere along the coastline of his native Southern California and sitting in meditation by himself. He was guided to higher world’s by Christ, Angels, Orbs, Satya Sai Baba the Avatar of India (who Steven later met in person and gave Steven his spiritual name “Sai”), as well as highly intelligent beings from other star systems, and so Steven paid little attention to school, family or making friends.

At eight years old Steven had a near death experience during a surgery and left his body. During this time he could see his body on the operating table as the doctors tried to bring him back to life, God spoke to Steven and told him he had to go back to complete a mission. That mission was later revealed when at sixteen Steven undertook a vision quest in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, and he climbed to the top of the Palisades Glacier to meditate and pray facing East towards Death Valley. Here God spoke to Steven and sent him on a mission to study and write about every major religious sect, spiritual teaching and guru in the world and to write a book about it to help others’ realize God. Steven spent the next sixteen years of his life studying each spiritual teaching, traveling the world to meet and study with the world’s great spiritual teachers and in 1992 The Spiritual Seeker’s Guide was published. An updated edition was published by Penguin-Perigee in 2000 under the title Looking for God, a Seeker’s Guide to Religious and Spiritual Groups of the World and it became a best-seller.

In the beginning Steven was focusing on Judaism and Christianity, and he has taken dozens of college courses in these subjects and attended over one hundred different sects of Christianity alone. He has studied with the Druids in Wales, been initiated into numerous Pagan sects and covens, and been initiated into most of the ancient mystery schools, cults, new age teachings and shamanic journeys, as recounted in his book. He has traveled to the back woods of Borneo, the hill tribes and head hunters of Luzon, and dozens of other native cultures to learn what they have to teach us before Western civilization destroys their ancient wisdom, and has traveled to many other worlds not known to man.

Steven began practicing yoga watching Richard Hittleman’s Yoga for Today on television after school, and later studied with Ramakrishna at the Yoga Center in Costa Mesa, California. Steven took further yoga training with Vishnudevananda at the Sivananda School, and with B.K.S. Iyengar, Choudhury Bikram and Yogi Bhajan in Los Angeles, as well as with many other yogi’s. Steven took Kriya training at the Self Realization Fellowship in California, with Yogi Sidhohji (now Siddhanath) in Pune, as well as in Orissa and in Varanassi with Chuni Lal Lahiri, the great grandson of the founder Lahiri Mahasai. Steven has taught yoga since the late 1970’s and gives initiations into Kriya, Kundalini and Dhyana.

His first formal initiation into meditation was through Transcendental Meditation, on his sixteenth birthday. He first received Shaktipat from Baba Muktananda of the Sydha Foundation, and later with Swami Laksmana Joo of the Kashmiri lineage, as well as with dozens of the leading swamiji’s, gurus and masters many of which are listed in his book Looking for God. Steven also studied Sufism with Pir Viliat Inyat Khan, the Kabbalah with Rabbi Philip S. Berg, Taoism and Kung Fu with Master Ho, Zen with Roshi Suzuki, and Buddhism with many masters of different sects and took refuge, and all the empowerments, with Kalu Rinpoche of the Tibetan form of Buddhism.

The Story of Steven S. Sadleir, Sai After years of teaching yoga and meditation Steven was called to go even deeper and prayed for a Master who could help him complete his mission, and during one meditation he was given a vision of a guru whose face then also appeared on a flyer at the Bodhi Tree bookstore in Los Angeles the next day. Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi was giving a talk in Los Angeles and when Steven arrived the following day Swamiji was waiting for him. He took the initiation with this Maharishi, and subsequent teacher training in kundalini yoga, and was guided by Swamiji over the years to develop a teaching center in Laguna Beach they named The Self Awareness Institute or SAI in 1985.

The other major guru for Steven was Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj, who spent twelve years in yoga tapas, and was known as the “rain making” yogi for his ability to alter the weather and make it rain. Over a period of several years Steven traveled with both the Maharishi and the Maharaj and learned how to teach at the sides of these illustrious Masters he was serving. In 1990 Shivabalayogi called Steven to India to do Yoga Tapas under his direction, and he begun and intense sadhana of sitting for, first, twelve hours a day for weeks, then increasing his meditation week by week to sitting twenty-three hours a day in Samadhi for forty consecutive days and nights. Afterwards Swamiji asked Steven to work with the students he had in the West and to continue teaching Dhyana and giving Shaktipat, and he has and still does, to thousands of people around the world.

In addition to Looking for God, a Seeker’s Guide to Religious & Spiritual Paths of the world, Steven has published several other popular books including: The Awaking, an Evolutionary Leap in Human Consciousness; The Calling, a Journey Within Your Own Being; Naked Soul (spiritual poetry); Yoga Basics; Self-Realization; Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled; Money & Power, the Secret History, and The Theory of Existence & the Science of Consciousness. Steven also has dozens of DVD and CD sets, online courses, and MP3’s on iTunes, and his Enlightenment Now station opens this year.

Steven S. Sadleir currently serves as the host and co-producer of Global Enlightenment: a Plan for World Peace. He has over 30 years of public speaking, video production and radio experience and is a leading visionary for enlightenment – to yogis, businessmen and the media. Mr. Sadleir is host of Enlightenment Radio, one of the most listened to spiritual talk radio shows on the Internet listened to in over 120 countries. He has also been interviewed on over one hundred radio and television shows over the past five years, including Fox and CNN. Mr. Sadleir also hosted an eight part series on Enlightenment last year for the United Nations Peace Day on and also hosted another eight episode series about developing higher consciousness called Spirit-Clips that aired on the Hallmark Channel in 2014. Steven appears as one of many gurus in the award winning spiritual documentary Spiritual Revolution and plays himself as a spiritual teacher in the movie 3 Magic Words, which was released in 2014 just came out in DVD in 2015. Steven’s new show, The Enlightenment, is in post-production now and airs later 2016.

Steven has never married, he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Menlo College, won the Rotary Scholarship to study international banking at the University of Wales in Bangor, United Kingdom, where he received a Master of Arts in Financial Economics. He later worked as an economist for the United States government at the East-West Center, as international banker at Lloyds Bank in Los Angeles, National Sales Manager for EMB Bancorp and then as an investment banker and fund advisor to some of the largest investment funds in the world, and he retired in 2008 to teach enlightenment full time. Steven utilizes his business skills, training as a yogi and media background in developing Global Enlightenment into a leading brand and force for positive change in this world – Global Enlightenment.


inˈlītnmənt,enˈlītnmənt/     noun
1. the action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened.
synonyms: insight, understanding, awareness, wisdom, education, learning, knowledge;


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